Our Process


All good things start with a coffee!

Over a coffee let's discuss your your app idea. We like to call this a 'concept meeting', where we gather as much information as we can do put towards the 'Plan' stage. Any draft designs or sketches help us out, but the idea is to have a full understanding of your idea before moving on.


Bringing your app concept into reality

After an initial discussion and concept meeting, the Appricot team will get their heads together to work out how the app will come together. There will be plenty of discussion during this stage, and perhaps a meeting or two, but once the app has been outlined a proposal will follow. If you're happy to continue, the journey gets underway!


Your kick ass design begins here!

Our design team takes the reigns to put together a custom layout for your new app. Each 'screen' within the app will be designed separately, and we'll show you a 'storyboard' of how the app will flow . We'll create a totally unique design concept for your app, at this point you can start getting excited!


Time to write some code!

Our development team then takes over and makes the iOS or Android app design come to life! Everything is coded from the ground up, and progress updates are provided as the process unfolds.


Time to write some code!

One of the most crucial stages is testing the app before making it available to the world. This is completed by the development team as well as the client, with any issues or final changes made before submitting to the App Store and/or Google Play.


Your website goes live!

Once all testing is completed and any required updates/fixes are made, we're ready to launch!